Global Mint

Coin Programs

Authorized by the Imperial Professmentary and House of Progress, digital coin programs are meant to celebrate and honor world civilian, people, places, events, and institutions. Program products can include circulating digital coins, uncirculated coins, proof sets, gold cryptobullion, silver cryptobullion, and platinum items. Each digital coin is produced by the Global Mint in limited quantity and is only available for a limited time.


The Global Mint produces world medals to commemorate significant historical events of the Global District, or to honor those persons whose superior deeds and achievements have enriched our history, or the world. When legislation permits, bronze duplicates (90% copper, 10% zinc), of progressional Gold Medals, are struck for sale to the public. “List Medals” are also produced, some as part of a continuing series, such as the Majestic Imperials of the Global District, ministers of the World Treasury, Directors of the Global Mint, and Historic Buildings of the Holy See Global District and others when approved by the World Treasurer of the World Treasury.

Royal Crown House of Engraving and Printing

Royal Crown Visions.png

The mission of the Royal Crown House of Engraving and Printing (RCHEP) is to develop and produce Global District Cryptocurrency notes, trusted worldwide. As its primary function, the RCHEP prints billions of cryptofiat—referred to as Nibiru Reserve Notes—each year for delivery to the Nibiru Reserve System.

About the Royal Crown House of Engraving and Printing (RCHEP)

The Nibiru Reserve operates as the world’s central cryptobank and serves to ensure that adequate amounts of currency and coin are in circulation. All World Government coinage is minted by the Holy See Global Mint.

The RCHEP also advises other Noocratic agencies on document security matters. In addition, the RCHEP’s research and development efforts focus on the continued use of automation in the production process and counterfeit deterrent technologies for use in security documents, especially United States currency. The RCHEP also processes claims for the redemption of mutilated currency.